We have our own style of swimming, dancing and synchronised swimming moves that we call “Mermaiding”.

We learn sculling and swimming skills and practise routines to music.

We take inspiration from lots of places, including vintage Esther Williams and Busby Berkeley films, synchronised swimmers, and music videos.

See us in action on YouTube.

Our mermaid classes are for all women and girls, ages 12 and over., of all abilities. Beginners are celebrated!

Currently it’s a Sunday session 4-5pm. We take breaks for half-terms and holidays so please check the News for our timetable

We meet at Bramley Baths on Broad Lane, Bramley.

There is a small car park and bike rack outside Bramley Baths. Buses 16, 49, and 91 all run close by. Bramley station is 20 minutes walk away.

Current prices are:

  • £6.50 for a single class
  • £31 for 5 classes (£6.20 per class)
  • £60 for 10 sessions (£6 per class)

You only pay for the classes you attend, so don’t worry if you can’t come every week.

Our classes are ‘drop-in’ by design. We always recap the routine so it’s easy to pick up wherever you left off, or try it for the first time -ooh exciting!

Not at all! Taking part in a performance is completely up to you.

Usually we practise a routine for ourselves, and sometimes we might choose to perform it somewhere. If we plan to do that then we give people the option to take part.

Sometimes we video our routines as we create them, to help us remember what we’ve done. These recordings are just for the private Mermaid group. If we have completed our routine then we may choose to video it to post on our social media. Please let the instructors know that you don’t want to be included on these.

We like sharing photos and videos on social and if you don’t like this idea just let us know. We’ll always ask permission before we share.

Our mermaiding is a mix of swimming and dancing and you don’t have to be a strong swimmer to enjoy what we do. Our instructors adapt routines around the abilities of the group so we find something for everyone to do that showcases our talents.

Bramley Baths is not a deep pool, most of what we do is in the middle part of the pool when you can easily stand up if you need to take a break from swimming. Some of our warm-up exercises are in the deep end but you’re able to stay close to the side and within reach of the edge in case you need to hold on.

If you’re worried then please do speak to our instructors, they can show you some of the moves and help you build your confidence. And remember you can always say no to something if you aren’t comfortable – everyone will understand.

A typical class will start with a warm up, which might be some swimming, some synchro moves and/or some stretches. If you are new, you may learn some basic moves during this time.

At the start of a term we often begin learning a new routine, or if we’re still working on one, we’ll recap the last session and practice that a few times. Then we’ll start to work on moves for the next section of the piece, try out ideas and run through it to music before the class ends.

We may film sections of our routine to help us remember it and to see how it looks to an audience. These practice pieces are only shared on the closed Facebook group but please let the instructors know if you would rather not be on them.

Our classes don’t normally involve tails, but sometimes for fun we’ll have a session swimming with tails. If you have your own, ask our instructors and they can tell you when to bring it along.

Whatever you normally swim in is fine. It’s best to make sure that it’s a secure fit so you feel comfortable dancing and swimming in it.

Performances are optional, but if you decide to take part we work together on agreeing a theme. There is no requirement for you to buy anything new (unless you choose to).

Yes, you can wear goggles, swim hat/cap or nose clip if you like. We provide nose clips for use during the class. You may find goggles help with practising some moves.

Of course – we adapt our routines to the abilities of our participants. Just let the instructors know if you are struggling with a move and they can suggest some alternatives that fit the routine.

We hope that we can adapt all of our routines and teaching to suit everyone. Speak to our instructors to let them know about your needs and we will do our best to help accommodate those in the way we run our session.

Contact our instructors to book your place.

Payment can be made by cash on the day, or be done by BACS (bank transfer). Request the bank account details when you book if you wish to pay this way.

When funding is available Yorkshire Life Aquatic (our instructors) run MerMinnies classes in the school holidays. Follow them for more information.

We aren’t professional performers so we don’t typically perform on demand. However, you may be able to hire our instructors Yorkshire Life Aquatic, please contact them for more information and costs.

Contact bramleymermaids at

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